Sunday, April 24, 2016

My Current Relationship With Media

          Media is something that is a prevalent aspect of my life now that I stop and consider the role it plays. I use media almost ever day where I currently stand, it has become a part of my daily routine. Media truly is an addictive force, and in this day and age it is hard to know when you are using media healthily or simply overusing it because it is everywhere. Media can be informative and a means of connecting with people you wouldn't otherwise get to talk to, but i have found that it is easy to abuse media once you get into the habit of using it often. The common interactions I have with media include social media sites such as instagram and snapchat, television, newspapers, and radio. My mom is an avid listener of NPR and we get the Sac Bee delivered to our house every morning, so my experience with media is fairly well rounded. Music is another form of media I enjoy on a regular day basis, and it is one of my favorite media forms. Media comes in many forms and my interactions with the various forms become more and more habitual as i enjoy their benefits each day. 
          Media allows me to absorb new information and to distract myself when I'm in the mood to escape. It is calming and I throughly enjoy learning about other people and world events through media forms such as social media and the internet. Music is a way for me to not only learn something from the lyrics or to get in touch with my emotions but to also just experience someone else's reality. Understanding the world and the way that other people view it differently from me is an important role that media serves in my life. Through media, I relax and enjoy leisure time, the only problem I often have with media is that I can't get serious when it is time to buckle up and get work done because I get distracted. My interaction with media is healthy when it is properly timed, but when I over use media it can become a problem because i don't know when to stop. Overall, media is both a positive and negative force in my life. Media helps me overcome bad days and kill time when I want to, but it also works as a distraction. In the end, media does more positive than negative in my life, but i should work on how use use media, especially social media.